Géraldine MERMOUX

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Géraldine MERMOUX

Managing Director of FINACTU since 2012, Géraldine MERMOUX, she has been in charge of the Group's activities, bringing her strong financial expertise and intimate knowledge of the African continent.

Géraldine MERMOUX is an international expert in Finance. She supports companies within the financial industry in Africa (banks, insurance companies, guarantee funds, etc…) and governments within corporate finance, strategical and operational consulting assignments.

From 2006 to 2011, Géraldine was Director at Emerging Capital Partners (ECP), the leading private equity fund manager in Africa with more than $ 1.8 billion under management. In this context, Géraldine carried out numerous transactions in the service, finance and industry sectors in Africa, and served on the boards of directors of numerous companies.

Previously, between 2000 and 2005, Géraldine was Chief Executive Officer of Upline IT Management, the Moroccan fund management company Upline Technologies dedicated to information technology, with IRR reaching 20%. As such, she participated in all stages of the life of this fund, from the design of the structure to the execution of transactions relating to equity investments, through marketing to investors and the disinvestment of the fund through the introduction to the Casablanca Stock Exchange of the HPS and Involys companies. Prior to that, Géraldine also held the position of Head of Corporate Finance at Upline Securities, one of Morocco's leading independent investment banks.

Géraldine holds a DESS in finance from the University of Lyon in France and a Master of Economics from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom.

Géraldine engages herself in the financial industry by giving lectures and presentations to the decision makers within financial conferences. She also publish on a regular basis in technical reviews. Géraldine co-authored the first major study on the impact of the implementation of the Basel III reform for Banks across Franc area.

Géraldine is Swiss and lives in Casablanca (Morocco).