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Jean-Claude ANGOULVANT is an Expert in all areas of social security, combining strong operational experience in the management of welfare organizations in France and a long time as a consultant and lecturer in the same field internationally.

Since 2005, as part of the FINACTU Group’s operations, he has been involved in numerous reform and construction projects for social protection schemes and systems in the Maghreb (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria) and sub-Saharan Africa (Gabon, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo, Mali).

As part of his research, he is a regular contributor to events and symposia devoted to the development of social protection in emerging and developing countries.

Previously, for twenty years, he held management positions in France in Pension Funds and Institutions.

From 1997 to 2005 he managed the pension fund (social security institution) and the provident fund (insurance code) of a liberal profession (general agents and insurance agents). With their boards of directors he led major reform plans to give long-term sustainability to the supplementary pension plan had been experiencing some difficulties.

Through his activity within the CNAVPL (National Insurance Fund for the Old Age Pensions of the Liberal Professions), he contributed to the preparation and implementation of the reform of the basic pension plan for the liberal professions that took place in 2004 (the only French basic pension converted to « points »).

During his career, and in addition to his operational responsibilities, J-C. Angoulvant has regularly participated in research and education programs. As a contributor to the French Retirement Observatory, he has led the publication of numerous studies on the themes of retirement and given speeches in events related to these themes. He is a member of his jury. Engaged in the private assistance of his parents, he is a volunteer administrator of a major international NGO (SOS Children's Village). He is also an active member of the French think tank "Contrat Social", which is dedicated to the sustainability and renewal of the national social bond.

Economist (PhD in economics from the University of Paris in 1969) and manager (MBA from the Institute of Business Administration at the University of Paris in 1968), Jean-Claude ANGOULVANT began his professional career as Commercial Engineer of large systems at the company IBM (1969 - 1984).

On April 14, 2006 Jean-Claude ANGOULVANT was promoted to Knight in the Order of the Legion of Honor for his contribution to the French pension reform process.