Corporate finance – M&A

The FINACTU Group supports its clients in all Corporate Finance operations, leveraging its perfect knowledge of the legal and financial environments in Africa, its knowledge of the players and its mastery of the challenges that drive the continent:

Corporate finance – M&A

Merger & Acquisition and Divestment transactions

FINACTU’s teams are involved from upstream to downstream. Our knowledge of the actors and uses of these operations on the continent is a solid guarantee of speed and success and for our customers.

– Setting up of the operations : determining the most appropriate approach, approaching potential buyers, managing confidentiality, organising exploratory meetings, preparing the data-room, organising the physical aspects of consultations, producing supporting documents, etc.

– Information memorandum : teaser, process letters, management, presentation, financial evaluation and support in the financial negotiation

– Setting up of the business plan : execution of the multi-criteria approach, drafting a negotiating pitch, price negotiation, adversarial discussion, discussion of preliminary agreements (letter of intention, termsheet, MoU)

– Optimal set-up research : choosing the legal terms of sale: addressing problems arising from partial sales, earn-outs, payments in listed/unlisted shares, credit sales, etc.

– Final agreements negotiation (in collaboration with the lawyers) : agreement and convention guarantees.

Corporate finance – M&A


The FINACTU Group is positioned between an Africa with immense capital needs and international finance actors attracted by this dynamic and changing continent. Our field experience, in each country, enables us to identify projects that meet the requirements of local and international investors.

– Assistance with the production of supporting documents : business plan, executive summary, presentation to the executive management, project implementation

– Investment : selection of investment funds and, where appropriate, private individuals, investment approach and sales pitch, organisation of presentation meetings, in-depth analysis of the business plan, presentation of the company, its key people and its development plan.

– Valuation negotiations : appropriate evaluation work, discussion of the preliminary agreements, negotiation of the valuation fluctuations

– Preparing the data room : grouping documents and information, organising consultation facilities

– Negotiation of final agreements (in collaboration with lawyers) : memorandum of understanding and shareholders’ agreement

Corporate finance – M&A

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The FINACTU Group brings its expertise and experience of Africa to bear on a wide range of projects, from strategy to implementation, and assists clients with capital transactions.

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