FINACTU Group, advising major players on the African continent for over 20


FINACTU Group, advising major players on the African continent for over 20 years

Our services

FINACTU provides its clients with its expertise and experience on the African continent for the realization of various projects, from strategy to implementation, and supports them in carrying out capital operations

Corporate Finance – M&a

We assist our clients, whether sellers, buyers or investors, in carrying out capital transactions, drawing on our in-depth knowledge of Africa’s legal and financial environments, our in-depth knowledge of local players and our understanding of the challenges facing the continent. We also carry out portfolio valuation and pre-acquisition due diligence assignments.

Strategic Consulting

We provide managers of public and private institutions, with strategic advisory services based on our in-depth knowledge of Africa, its challenges and its key players.

Operational Consulting

We are mandated by our clients for highly operational assignments involving the implementation of a strategy, transformation or change management, the creation and operationalization of new departments, and occasionally for the creation of a Greenfield project or the complete management of a restructuring.

Actuarial audit

Our teams work with insurance companies for the certification of their technical provisions, with investment funds to audit the accounts of their portfolio companies, and with social security institutions to estimate their off-balance sheet commitments.

Regulatory consulting
With an excellent knowledge of the regulatory environment in almost all French-speaking African countries, FINACTU assists its clients in obtaining the required approvals, ensuring regulatory compliance and carrying out inspection missions.

In particular, FINACTU has many years’ experience in the approval of banking and insurance subsidiaries in West and Central Africa.

Governance Consulting

Corporate governance is a cornerstone of our clients’ regulatory and development challenges. FINACTU carries out assignments involving the review or implementation of governance frameworks, as well as the identification of independent directors and the assessment of board operations.

Executive Training

With its long experience in strategic consulting and the implementation of operational solutions, FINACTU is keen to pass on its know-how and strengthen the skills of executives and managers in the various sectors in which it has expertise: social protection, banking, insurance, etc. To run these high-level seminars, FINACTU calls on its associates and managers, as well as its network of partner experts and various key figures from the African financial sector.

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Our business lines

In nearly 25 years of activity, FINACTU has consolidated its expertise in 10 business areas, which constitute its core business

In a very dynamic African banking sector, which has been in deep restructuring for years, FINACTU brings its know-how, experience of markets, regulations and stakeholders, and a real capacity to develop the right strategies and implement them in the field.

FINACTU supports guarantee funds – key players in bridging the financing gap in African economies, particularly SMEs – in their strategic development and in optimising their operating mechanisms.

Insurance is one of FINACTU Group’s core expertise. We act for insurance companies, industry representatives and supervisory authorities.

FINACTU is a major player in social protection in Africa and contributes regularly, alongside all managing institutions or regulators, to strengthening, modernising and extending the protection of the continent’s populations against social risks

The FINACTU Group is a major player in private equity on the African continent. Our teams work on all aspects of the business.

Drawing on their experience with numerous institutions dedicated to housing finance in Africa, FINACTU teams imagine, design and implement innovative solutions to address the major challenge of access to affordable housing for all.

From microfinance to SME financing, including fintechs, the FINACTU Group provides strategic advice and implements concrete solutions.

Since its creation, FINACTU has consistently provided support to the continent’s governments, which are facing considerable strategic and operational challenges.

FINACTU has developed specific expertise serving National and Multilateral Development Banks, Caisses de Dépôts et Consignations and Sovereign Wealth Funds. FINACTU supports the creation and development of these very long-term public institutional investors, who play a vital role in the economic emergence.

The FINACTU Group is convinced of the role of local capital markets in mobilizing domestic and international savings at the service to finance development. We support regulator and market players in defining their strategies.


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Our People and Leadership

Our team is composed of experts in each of the FINACTU group’s business lines

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Denis CHEMILLIER-GENDREAU is a former member of the French Administration and of the PARIBAS merchant bank, where he headed a subsidiary. He founded the FINACTU Group over twenty years ago, drawing on his in-depth knowledge of the inner mechanisms of administration, government, finance, insurance and social protection.

Géraldine MERMOUX
Géraldine MERMOUX

Managing Director – Partner

After various positions in investment banks in Switzerland and Morocco and as a Director of EMERGING CAPITAL PARTNERS, the leading investment fund manager in Africa, Géraldine MERMOUX has developed considerable expertise in the fields of private equity and finance.

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He began his career as an analyst at Emerging Capital Partners (ECP), the leading private equity fund manager in Africa. Luc Morio is an expert in the financial sector in Africa, advising financial institutions, companies and governments on corporate finance, strategic and operational advisory assignments.

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Our clients and carried out assignments

The FINACTU Group has carried out 200 consultancy assignments for about a hundred public and private institutions on the African continent. More than 80% of our long-standing clients regularly still renew their trust in us.

FINACTU has been assisting us for more than 5 years in strategic, operational and financial consulting, providing us with a high level of responsiveness, unrivaled knowledge of the financial sector in Africa and a strong field presence on a daily basis. This long-term support enables us to accelerate the development of our activities to the highest international standards and thus to take advantage of the great opportunities offered by the continent.

Finactu - Home M. Dossongui KONE, President, Atlantic Group, Ivory Coast
First and foremost, FINACTU was able to provide us with perfect technical expertise in pension actuarial science, both for modelling our plan and for simulations and projections. But FINACTU’s comparative advantage, which we felt to be major, was its ability to educate and its capacity to negotiate and convince. A retirement process is a long series of discussions and negotiations, made complex by the technical nature of the subject. FINACTU was able to make these issues accessible to everyone, and to convince the social partners and pensioners of the legitimacy of the planned reforms, always considering the constraints of our country. Finally, FINACTU has also distinguished itself by its ability to go beyond the terms of reference of its mission in order to bring ever more to those involved in the reform.
Finactu - Home Mme Sacko Oumou Marie DICKO, Director, Malian Social Security Fund, Mali
You have kindly assisted us in the context of pension fund reform. I would like to thank you for your collaboration of unfailing professionalism and real interest for our country. Throughout all these years, despite the sometimes-difficult working conditions, you have not stopped working tirelessly, expressing, beyond the terms of reference of your missions, your attachment to our country and your friendship toward the men and women you have met during your various stays. Allow me to congratulate you on the tremendous work you have done on our side.
Finactu - HomeM. Mohamed Barkat ABDILLAHI, Minister, Ministry of Employment and National Solidarity, Djibouti
In May 2003, after several years of crisis and recurring losses that had undermined UGAR’s solvency, we commissioned FINACTU to define and implement a recovery plan. FINACTU provided us with a multi-disciplinary team and, following a full audit, defined a drastic restructuring plan and then helped us with its implementation. After 2 years of hard work, our company was able to post its first very positive result in 2004. It has reorganised its balance sheet and regained a credit rating worthy of our status as the leading insurer in Guinea. This turnaround is all the more spectacular in that no redundancies were made..
Finactu - HomeM. Ismaël BANGOURA, President, Guinean Insurance and Reinsurance Union, Guinea