Professionals of Africa, our teams include over 10 nationalities from North and West Africa, where our main offices are based, as well as from Europe, Central Africa and East Africa. Our teams don’t just work on the African continent: they live there, or have lived there recently, and have extensive networks and intimate knowledge of our environments and their changes.

Our Leadership

Our Partners are Experts in each of FINACTU Group’s business lines



Denis CHEMILLIER-GENDREAU is a former member of the French Administration and of the PARIBAS merchant bank, where he headed a subsidiary. He founded the FINACTU Group over twenty years ago, drawing on his in-depth knowledge of the inner mechanisms of administration, government, finance, insurance and social protection.

Géraldine MERMOUX
Géraldine MERMOUX

Managing Director – Partner

Managing Director and Partner of FINACTU since 2012, Géraldine MERMOUX leads the Group’s activities by bringing her strong financial expertise and her intimate knowledge of the African continent.



Luc MORIO is a Partner at FINACTU since 2022. He is an expert in the African financial sector, advising financial institutions, companies and governments on corporate finance, strategic and operational advisory assignments.

The Team

Our Experts, Managers and Senior Consultants

  • Larbi CHRAIBI

    Larbi CHRAIBI

    Senior Manager

    Larbi CHRAIBI is Senior Manager at FINACTU, where he leads numerous consulting missions for a multitude of public and private institutions in the financial sector in Africa.

  • Lossani ZINA

    Lossani ZINA

    Senior Manager

    Lossani ZINA is Senior Manager at FINACTU Group, where he is involved in a variety of large-scale projects, including assisting major African financial groups

  • Ghita LAMRIKI

    Ghita LAMRIKI

    Senior Manager

    Ghita LAMRIKI is a Senior Manager within the FINACTU Group, specifically dedicated to the fields of financial inclusion and social protection.


    Senior Manager

    Omar AL-BAZ AARAB is a Senior Manager with the FINACTU Group, where he is responsible for the Abidjan office as well as for projects involving economic development issues for public and private entities

  • Guillaume GILKES

    Guillaume GILKES

    Research Director

    Guillaume GILKES is an international expert in finance dedicated to Africa. Key member of the team since 2007, he directs FINACTU Group’s research activities.



    Director Central Africa

    Guy RASOANAIVO is the representative of FINACTU Group in Central Africa. He holds a Ph.D. in Actuarial Science from the University of Connecticut, Storrs (Uconn) in the USA.

  • Sakina AGOUMI

    Sakina AGOUMI


    Sakina AGOUMI is a Manager at FINACTU Group. She is versatile and works on a variety of missions to support financial groups operating in Africa

  • Marc STEINIK

    Senior Expert

    Marc STEINIK is an actuary and an engineer. Since 2016, he brings to the FINACTU Group his perfect knowledge of pension funds, both from "business" and "process" point of view.

  • Christine VAI

    Christine VAI

    Senior Expert

    Christine VAI has over 25 years of experience in corporate finance, banking and academic teaching. Christine worked in the banking sector in France, then moved to Tunisia, where she set up the risk analysis and management department at Banque ABC.

  • Mounir CHERIF

    Mounir CHERIF

    Senior Expert

    Graduate of the Faculty of Tunis with a Master's degree in Economics, Mounir CHERIF is an international expert in social protection and public policies for social development with more than 30 years of experience.

Our mission leaders and experts rely on a team of consultants spread across our operational headquarters in Casablanca, our office in Abidjan, and other countries where we have permanent teams (Gabon, Tunisia, Dubai).

The Team

Our support teams

  • Fatima-Zahra LAKHSSASSI

    Fatima-Zahra LAKHSSASSI

    Head of Human Resources

    Fatima-Zahra LAKHSSASSI is Head of Human Resources for the FINACTU Group. Her role is to support the development of human capital and draw up and manage strategic human resources policy in the broadest sense.

  • Mounia KADIRI

    Mounia KADIRI

    Tender manager

    In the course of her career, Mounia KADIRI has specialised in tendering for public and private contracts in various sectors in France. Drawing on her ten years of experience, she joined FINACTU in 2017 to coordinate the group's biddings.



    Chief Financial Officer

    Graduate of the University Mohammed V of Rabat and ESDG Rabat in partnership with the University Côte d'Opale (Master in Accounting Audit and Management Control), Omar BOULAHYA has developed his expertise in the accounting and administrative fields by working as a team leader for the company BPO Service and as a supervisor for Maroc Externalisation.